The effects of the Proposed Development on the historic environment, including cultural heritage and archaeology, will be assessed.

A desk-based study of the site and surrounding areas has been undertaken to identify all known heritage assets recorded on national and regional archaeological registers to investigate the potential for archaeological remains within and close to the Proposed Development site. The effects of the Proposed Development on the historic environment (cultural heritage and archaeology) will be assessed and the findings will be presented in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report.

There is one designated heritage asset within the site boundary, scheduled monument SM3930 which is a dun located 250 m SSW of Barguillean Farm . The dun will be protected throughout any works stages with a suitable buffer to prevent any physical damage to the remains.

There are few known non-designated heritage assets within the site boundary. Four dykes and a shieling are recorded on the Argyll and Bute Historic Environment Record (HER), maintained by the West of Scotland Archaeology Service (WoSAS). In addition, analysis of the first edition Ordnance Survey (OS) map (1875) has identified one further shieling, and there is also a newly created memorial shieling within the site boundary.

Key heritage assets in the surrounding area have been considered to assess potential impacts on their settings. Those proposed for further detailed assessment in the EIA, pending further consultation with Historic Environment Scotland and relevant stakeholders, are presented on the above Figure. The layout of the Proposed Development will be designed to minimise adverse effects upon heritage assets and their settings located within and outwith the site boundary.

For any identified impacts, mitigation measures will be proposed in the EIA Report to be implemented during construction to record and, where appropriate, protect any remains that are discovered. Known heritage assets within the developable area will also be protected with visible barriers to minimise the risk of accidental disturbance during construction.