An abnormal loads route assessment (ALRA) has been undertaken to identify the appropriate work required to accommodate the delivery of abnormal loads from the anticipated port of entry to the site. The ALRA will be included as a technical appendix to the Environmental Impact Assessment report.

A number of areas along the proposed route may require oversail or overun to accommodate the delivery of turbine components. However, the selection of delivery vehicle technology has been used to minimise this, and work is ongoing to identify and agree these requirements.

Access to the site for abnormal loads is expected to be from Corpach Harbour in Fort William, with traffic using the A830 Caol-Malaig road, A82(T) to Tyndrum and then A85(T) to the site via Fearnoch Forest. All abnormal loads will be escorted by the Police at the developer’s expense.

Construction traffic will approach the site via the A85(T) via Fearnoch Forest. There will be a temporary increase in traffic on some or all of the listed roads depending on the need to import material for the construction works. A detailed Construction Traffic Management Plan is to be provided to help reduce the disruption caused by construction traffic on local roads.

Where possible, construction material excavated from site will be used to help reduce the numbers of HGVs on local roads.

The developer will enter into a legal agreement with the respective Local Road Authorities , to ensure that the public road does not deteriorate as a result of the construction traffic.