The proximity of the proposed site to Tween Bridge Wind Farm has the benefit of being able to utilise existing energy grid infrastructure to connect to a National Grid powerline. No additional overhead power lines or other network infrastructure will need be built to service Tween Bridge Solar Farm.

The Government’s recent Energy Security Strategy calls for a target of up to 70 gigawatts (GW) of solar electricity generation by 2035. This is an ambitious national challenge, and meeting the Government’s target for affordable, home-grown renewable electricity will require projects like Tween Bridge Solar Farm to be delivered around the country.

Tween Bridge Solar Farm has reached an agreement with National Grid to provide up to 600MW of generating capacity by 2029. This is the equivalent of heating over 150,000 homes*
*assumes per household consumption of 3.7MWh/year

Yes. Before RWE submits its application to the Planning Inspectorate, it will consult local communities and other stakeholders. The feedback received as part of this process will be used to shape decisions about the design and layout of the solar site and inform the development of the final proposals. RWE plans to undertake a period of non-statutory consultation with the local community and other stakeholders in April 2023, before a full statutory consultation towards the end of next year.

No. The land will simultaneously host both solar power generation and animal husbandry. It is planned for Tween Bridge Solar Farm to become one of the largest lowland sheep farms in the country, with sheep grazing the fields within the solar farm. An opportunity has also been identified for Tween Bridge Solar Farm to host a bee farm. More information on the dual usages of land at Tween Bridge Solar Farm will become available as the plans develop.

2022: Early engagement with local stakeholders
2023: Formal public consultation
Late 2023/2024: Submission of Development Consent Order (DCO) application
2025: Decision expected to be made on DCO application
2027: If approved, construction would begin
2029: Construction completed and Tween Bridge Solar Farm begins generate and provide renewable electricity.